Holy Cross Pre-School Nursery

21st June 2019 (Forest School Week)




14th June 2019

With this week's weather the children seem to have been in a story telling mood. they have enjoyed choosing their own books and looking at them independently as well as have stories read to them. Stories are a fantastic way of encouraging a child's imagination and we take these opportunities as much as we can. The children have made their own xylophone using water glasses to change the sounds. we are hoping for better weather next week and wish everyone a Happy Father's day for this weekend 



7th June 2019

Our 2 year old's used chalk to make pictures on the playground, they loved telling us what they had drawn. Although very sad when the rain wash them all away. In Forest School Friday the children loved carrying out their tasks, some children found their way to the Bug hotel and found this amazing fun to climb! wow look aren't they high! some of our other Pre-Schooler's make their own birds nests so that they had somewhere to live and sleep.



24th May 2019

This week the children in the Gruffalo room have been learning all about technology, they have been using cameras and walkie talkies, beginning to understand how to use simple pieces of ICT equipment. the children are also so excited to have the Beach hut open in the sun, they really do feel like they are at the sea side. In French this week we have has lots of fun with Catherine and have learnt some new dances and songs. In Little Scientist we were developing our measuring and pouring skills as well as continuing to be kind and share with one and other. 



17th May

This week has been a busy week in nursery. The chicks have started to hatch and chick monitors have been allocated to take care of them. All of the children have been incredible caring and kind to our chicks and have loved having them in nursery, the experiences gained from this have been outstanding and we are extremely proud of all of the children for looking after them with such passion and kindness. Out in wild Wednesdays some of the children went on an impromptu bug hunt where they found a caterpillar, the children got the opportunity to look at it up close and then put it back in a safe place. Continuing our Pirate them we have also done many other activities in our sessions such as making pirates, going on treasure hunts and walking the plank. 


10th May 2019

This week our chicks arrived! we will be caring for our new nursery members and can not wait for them to hatch. In Little Scientists the children made mini tornado's!!! These were amazing and the children were fascinated to see what they had created. To support this terms topic of "Pirates" the children created their very own Pirate treasure map, we then used the maps to go and find hidden treasure. 




3rd May 2019

This week we have made a fire, the children continued to learn about managing their own risk. we cut fruit and made pancakes to cook on the fire they were delicious! throughout the week the groups had their focus group activities, the children have enjoyed our new Teepee tent and have loved reading books diving into the world of literacy and loosing themselves in imagination. Our little swimmers were eager to get back in the water and continue with their swimming lessons. 



12th April

This week the children have been continuing to learn about pirates, some groups have made pirate ships, others have sailed the seven sees! In nursery we love to see our children playing together, this week the children have enjoyed the role play area and made it into their own little shop. We have also had our Easter bonnet parade. Congratulations to the winner, you just looked so beautiful in your bonnet. We hope you all have a relaxing Easter, we are looking forward to seeing you all again for the beginning of the summer term, don't forget it will be summer uniform.



5th April 2019


This week again has been so so busy, we have had our Easter workshop, we hope everyone enjoyed the morning our growing beds and planters are now ready for summer thank you. This week the whole nursery has been learning about healthy eating, every child has done healthy eating activities cutting fruit to make skewers, as well as much more. We have also had an amazing Forest School session, the children had a Forest School banquet making chocolate bananas, a breakfast with sausage, bacon and scrambled egg (vegetarian options were provided) the children also chopped their own vegetables and made vegetable soup. Little scientist did balloon jousting where the children learnt that the skewer did not pop the balloon. 



29th March 2019

This week at nursery we have enjoyed welcoming our Moms, Nans, Grans and Aunties into the nursery for Mother's Day afternoon Tea. We hope you all had a lovely time and enjoyed them as much as we did. the children certainly seemed to have lots of fun. The rest of the days were filled with excitement that the sunshine brought, enjoying the lovely weather outside. We have had lots of new resources in both Nursery and Kids Club and we spent the day on Thursday setting up our new outdoor area.



22nd March 2019

This week we celebrated "Holi" the Hindu festival of colour, we had lots of fun and everyone got messy, we have welcomed spring into our setting. During Wild Wednesdays we enjoyed some lovely sunshine and the children had lots of fun exploring their vastly changing forest area. We have continued with our Castles topic with children making number crowns and being kings and queens for the day whilst others had castles themed stories and re enacted scenes. We also made Shields out of salt dough and the 2 year olds made castles out of wooden blocks. we continue to fill our days with creative and amazing activities to do. 




15th March 2019

This week was comic relief in nursery the children wore their own clothes and had lots of fun. During Little Scientists the children carried out a skittle experiment where they poured warm water onto the skittles and watched the colours run into a rainbow pattern. some of the children made their own coat of arms whilst others carried on with the castle theme matching numbers to quantities. 


8th March 2019

This week has been a busy one! We have taken some children to Asda where they got to choose and buy the ingredients for their pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, when they returned to nursery the children then made their own pancakes and ate them with a mixture of toppings! The children have also been out to New Hall Valley following the billy goats gruff story hunting for dragons and searching for the troll. This week also saw World Book day where the children had great fun coming to nursery as their favourite book character, both staff and children looked amazing and we had an amazing day, throughout the rest of the week children got to grips with ICT using the large IPad and completing simple tasks. the children were also practicing their handwriting, it is coming along amazingly, Well done. 




1st March 2019


This week the children have made tally charts and learnt about number and grouping, as part of our brand new castle topic they have also made their very own castle to play in. During Wild Wednesdays we have been doing wax tree rubbings and climbing. The children enjoyed their phonics session moving on the the next sound. The blending group is doing extremely well and Mr Smith is very proud of their development. Purple group celebrated a birthday and have quite a few others coming up. The Gruffalo room made shields using familiar with shapes and colours and as usual the children loved dressing up and role playing in their new home corner.


15th February 2019





This week we welcomed our families into nursery for our Valentines Day workshop, we enjoyed lots of lovely arts and crafts. The children all had the opportunity to make sensory bottles, love hearts, playdough and much more. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a fantastic time, we had an amazing response to this workshop and hope you will all return for our next!

8th February 2019

We have been getting creative with our space shapes, makes stars, space rockets etc. We have as always really enjoyed singing with our music man Martin and have made exploding meteorites in Little Scientists. The 2 year old's have been familiarising themselves with simple shapes and using them to decorate their very own space rocket, which they blasted off into space. 


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1st February 2019

This week we have had a visit from the dentist, they have showed the children how they should brush their teeth, each child had a go at using the tooth brush to clean the big teeth in circular motions, and don't forget the gums too! In Forest School we also made natural paint brushes and used them to make beautiful pictures. 


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25th January 2019

This week space has taken off! the children have made consolations during their Little Scientist S.T.E.M activity. Whilst others have painted portraits of their idea of an alien, and made alien sculptures out of clay. The 2 year old children have explored the alien slime that was left behind when we were invaded by aliens! And of course we thoroughly enjoyed our french session with Kathrine singing lots of songs and making lots of actions to keep us warm.


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18th January 2019

This week the children have been to the moon! and started to learn about all of the different consolations. We have created a UFO outside in our Wild Wednesday session, the children have been everywhere in it. Little Scientist had the children using metal detectors to find hidden meteorites, whilst our 2 year old children made play dough planets and explored their space themed book corner.


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11th January 2019

Happy New Year! 

The Children have settled back into nursery nicely this week, they have had lots of fun things to do, swimming sessions have began again, our new topic "Space" has been introduced, the children have been following this theme through their play, during P.E and throughout their Focus Group Activities. We have been climbing trees in Wild Wednesdays and making space rockets in little scientists! 

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21st December 2018

This week has seen our Christmas nativity dress rehearsal in front of the school, the performance for our families, Christmas dinner, Christmas Fayre and our Nursery Christmas party! The children and staff have had a fantastic time and hope you have enjoyed sharing this festive season with us. we wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year. We hope you have a nice relaxing break and look forward to seeing you in the new year returning to nursery on Monday 7th January. 

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14th December 2018

This week has been so busy! the two year olds have been to the Winter Wonderland at the Snowdome and met Santa himself! Whilst Pre-School have been to see "Beauty and the Beast" at the Sutton Town Hall. both trip had fantastic feedback from the children, Nursery is fully in the Christmas spirit now. Parent consultations have also taken place, we hope you have enjoyed hearing more about what your little one(s) are getting up to. 


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7th December 2018

This week has seen the introduction of our Elf on the Shelf "Dough Dough", he will be getting up to all sorts over the next few weeks. The children have also enjoyed welcoming their family to our Africa workshop, we made lots of lovely creations such as musical shakers, African necklaces and beaded bracelets. Finally we have had our Christmas movie day and Elf Day where we have raised money for The |Alzeihmers Society, thank you for you kind donations.  


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30th November

This week we have read Handa's Surprise and the children have extended their learning by acting out the story within their play. The children have been making some fantastic creations in their focus group activities such as African huts and Tribal masks. We have also had a very special visit from a local postman who came to collect the children's letters to Santa. We would also like to thank our parents for coming into nursery to visit the Music man and join in with our French session. We hope you have enjoyed  you time in nursery with us.


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23rd November

We have had some fantastic trips to the Akamba Heritage Centre, we have seen some incredibly interesting animals, learnt about various ways of life and the different cultures, plants and animals in the African Continent. We have held snakes, rode zebras and walked through the jungle. Furthermore this week we have made clay tribal masks during Forest School Friday.


16th November

This week we have had lots of fun during our P.E session, we saw lots of different animals and moved like a snake, a zebra, elephants and a tiger we all looked very funny! The children are making excellent progress at their swimming sessions. If you would like to book your child onto our swimming lessons please ask in the office. The fire Service were amazing, the children got to use the water hose, try on the helmets and sit on the fire engine! we had a amazing time. 

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9th November

This week week we have settled back into nursery nicely, we have began our African Continent topic and the children have done threading to make African Jewellery. In Little scientists the children made a rock face to test out their waterfall. We have also made some firework pictures in preperation of bonfire night. We are looking forward to welcoming the fire service next week as they unfortunately had to cancel this week. 

26th October

This week we have had lots of messy fun, the children have continued to learn about dinosaurs, digging for bones and making feet to wear. Some children have completed learning outcomes with their key worker developing from their next steps, Whilst other children have made new relationships! Thank you for bringing a bottle with the fancy dress day, these will be going towards our Christmas Fayre prizes.  Keep your eyes peeled for further dates when we are back after half term. We hope you have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all on our return on Monday 5th November.

26th October


This week we have been climbing, we have built dens and have also had lots of fun in our maths activities. The children have learnt about numbers and shapes in our environment, building towers and counting the blocks.