Holy Cross Pre-School Nursery


Find out more about Tax-Free Childcare and 15/30 hours funded childcare for parents by visiting the website childcare choices.

All 3 and 4-year-olds in England currently receive 15 hours a week government
funded early education. If their parents are living and working in England, 3 and 4-
year-olds may be entitled to 30 hours funded childcare which is 1,140 hours per year
in total. If eligible, you will be entitled to access the 30 hours from the beginning of
the term following your child’s 3rd birthday. At Holy Cross Pre-school Nursery, we
offer funding for 38 weeks, Term time only. You will be required to fill out a Parent
declaration and agreement for the universal 15 hours and the extended 30-hours
entitlement. Funded 15 hour places for 2 year olds are also available if the criteria
are met.

Invoices are billed in advance of the half term for consumables/nursery fees and
Kids’ Club sessions; as payment is required before the term starts. Please see our
charging policy.


Childcare choices